Rotary Actuators Rack & Pinion Type

Rotary Actuators Rack & Pinion Type
Mini Rotary Actuator CRJ

・Compact, lightweight
・Flexible mounting: Top, bottom, or side mounting is possible.
・Front or side ported is selectable.

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Rotary Actuator CRA1/CDRA1

・Compact auto switches (D-M9□ type) are mountable on 2 surfaces.
 Auto switch can be mounted from the front.
・Weight reduced by up to 14%
・With air cushion, Easy adjustment of cushion valve
・With auto switch (CRA1 series: CDRA1, CDRA1□□U, CDVRA1)

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Compact Rotary Actuator CRQ2/CDRQ2

・With cushion
・Equipped with an angle adjustment mechanism
・Single or double axis is selectable.
・With auto switch (CDRQ2 series: CDRQ2)

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Rotary Table MSQ

・Integrated table and rotary actuator
・Equipped with an angle adjustment mechanism
・Easy alignment when mounting the load and the body
・Built-in shock absorber type and external absorber type are selectable.

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3-Position Rotary Table MSZ

・3-point-stopping is possible.
・Suitable for applications such as distributing workpieces to the left, right, and center
・Can be operated with one valve

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Low Speed Rotary Actuator CRQ2X/CDRQ2X/MSQX

・It is possible to transfer workpieces at lower speeds. (5 s/90º)
・With auto switch (CDRQ2X series: CDRQ2X)

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Rotary Cylinder MRQ

・Rectilinear rotation unit that integrates a slim cylinder and a rotary actuator
・It is possible to select types with an air cushion on the linear motion parts.
・Angle adjustable

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